Purdue Volleyball Defeats Maryland

Purdue Rides a Wave of Emotion to a Four Set Win

Last night I was back inside of Holloway Gymnasium to photograph the Purdue Volleyball team take on Maryland. Purdue came out and won the first two sets in a very business like manner. The first two sets were not very good for capturing emotion. The Boilers really were just there to do a job. After dropping the third set the Boilers were trailing late in the fourth set. It looked as if the match would go the distance. Then the Purdue comeback started. The Boilers were playing with a little fire, and the photos really started to come easy then. My best photos of the night were probably made during the last five points of the night. Holloway was rocking as the comeback was completed, and the Boilers took the set and match. It was a very emotional ending that was amazing to photograph. Moments like that are why I love doing what I do. You can see my photos from the match here.

The Cubs Win the World Series

Until last night it had been over 100 years since the last time you could write that and it not be a work of fiction. It was interesting to see the amount of fans at the volleyball match in Cubs gear. Once I made it home it I watched the last few innings of the game. It was an epic game with huge moments for both teams. In the end the Cubs won, and made millions of fans happy. After the Rajai Davis home run I wrote that the end of the game would be ecstasy for one club, and heartbreak for the other. It has to be tough on Cleveland being up 3-1. Watching the interviews after they went up 3-1 it seemed as if they thought they had it in the bag. Now they have to deal with the loss. It will be interesting to see how both of these clubs perform next season, and how each team changes. This was a great seven game series that hopefully showed the country just how great of a game baseball can be. Now we can look to next year when hopefully the White Sox win the World Series, but in a less dramatic fashion.


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