Fall at Mackey Arena

The Late November Sun Hits Mackey Arena

A couple of nights ago I was at Mackey Arena a little early to see how the campus looked just after a heavy rain. The wet concrete can make for nice images. When I arrived at the stadium though the sun was just peaking out from behind a cloud. I had an idea for a photo, and it worked out quite well. I closed down my aperture and positioned myself so that the sunlight would come right through the words Mackey Arena on the building. What I ended up getting was a photo that I really liked. It was not planned, but rather something that just seemed to work out for me. Another example of right place at the right time.

Time to Visit the Inside of Mackey Arena

Now that November has rolled around it is time to go back inside of Mackey Arena. I have already photographed the Purdue men’s team, and Sunday I will get my first chance to see the women’s team. This is always an exciting time of year as we get to see some familiar faces, but also meet some new players. This is a time of great excitement, and only time will tell how the seasons go. Right now though hope is everywhere. It will be nice to get back inside of Mackey Arena instead of being on the outside looking in.

Is The Newspaper Dead?

Yesterday around the country many papers had headlines with World Series implications in them. The Chicago Tribune had a beautiful photo by one of their very fine staff photographers to go with the paper. That company had a huge line at their building yesterday to buy the paper. A keepsake to hang on the wall forever. The Sun-Times also in Chicago laid off all of their photographers (and I assume a lot of editors) and they ran a poorly shot photo of the same celebration in their paper. They have a more unique format so I am sure it is hard to find a photo to fit what they wanted to do, but that is why you have a staff photographer who knows how to shoot for your format. Here in Lafayette the local paper ran a large photo of the Indians rather than the Cubs. From all of these things that I saw yesterday it showed me just how vital photography can be to a paper. The right photograph can sell some papers while the wrong one can hurt the sales. In an age where the photographer is not valued at some papers they show their worth here. Granted this was one special day out of 365 this year. Maybe for the rest of the year photos are not that important. Talking to families at local high school games though they do not think that the paper even tries to cover their kids anymore. They see a new face show up for 20 minutes to snap a few photos and leave. Photo journalism is all but dead for papers as the staffs are too thin to cover events like they should. For one day though we can see just how important having the right photographer on the job can be.


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