The Hand of George

George Displays His World Series Ring

Part of the fun of travel is seeing new things. I like nothing more than to explore and see things that are new to me. Another great part of travel that I might like even more is meeting new people. This post is all about George who accompanied us on our Fenway Park tour. George was not the tour leader. He was the guy who was to stay back to make sure that none of us wandered off. I would usually stay a bit behind to get the scene all to myself so I spent a lot of time with George. He had a lot of baseball insight beyond the walls of Fenway Park. Our conversation started because we both root for Sox teams. We both found the end to a long title drought a year apart. He was great to get little tidbits of info from that were not part of the normal tour. These are the moments that make a tour like this special. As we were nearing the end of the tour he asked if I wanted to photograph his World Series ring. Of course I did! I had my 17-40mm lens on the camera at the time, but I went ahead and made the photo anyway. This was not a photo that I planned on making prior to the trip, but it was one of my favorites. A little memory from a great tour.

Remembering Everyone Who Helped Along the Way

Seeing this ring reminds me of just how many people a championship will impact. Right now the Indians and Cubs are battling for the World Series. We think about David Ross getting a ring in his final season. Will the Cleveland players get to win a ring? What we don’t often think about is all of the people behind the scenes that are also impacted. Here is George who gives the tours, and he has a great memento from the 2013 World Series. On the field we see the millionaires playing the sport, but behind them are the people that make the wheels turn around. Over the last few years of shooting sports I have come into contact with many of the people responsible for the events running as smoothly as they do. They deserve a lot of credit as well. Giving rings to everyone involved after a World Series is a great way to thank everyone.


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