The Last Time the World Series Was In Chicago

Looking Back at the 2005 World Series

Eleven years ago today the White Sox won their first World Series since 1917. Ever since then I have had Cubs fans telling me to forget about it because it was in the past. I believe after this series is over that they will know what I learned eleven years ago. You never forget about it. It is a great experience to have your team win the series. They have a great team this year, and it will only be a matter of time before they break through and win one. They are set up for a long run. I write this before they even play game one, but you just have a feeling with this team that they will take home the hardware at the end of the day. If that happens we can both sit down and compare notes. I will say that these next few days will be full of little sleep for the diehards watching every inning. When it is all over though it will be worth it. The best moments usually come in the wee hours of the night. No matter what happens enjoy the run Cubs fans. You never know when you will get to do this again.

I still talk about that great run in 2005 because everything seemed to come together at the right time. A hot start followed by a late season lull led to a lot of fears. It was not too far off to think that Cleveland could have overtaken the Sox. The Sox put it together when it mattered though, and they went 11-1 in the playoffs. That night eleven years ago was amazing. Watching with a bunch of new friends at the United Center we sweated out every at bat of that 1-0 game. Juan Uribe made a couple of great plays for the last two outs of the game, and the celebration was on. I made this photo last year of Comiskey Park with the sculpture honoring the 2005 team last year. I had a little extra time to myself during the fall, and an empty stadium to work with. I would much rather shoot the stadium in October and have it be full of fans. Maybe next year…wait now I sound like I am on the other side of town.

The Week in Photos

Some of my favorite images from the last week can be found here. A lot of my photos from a trip to Fenway in Boston appear in the Exposure page. It was great seeing them finally break the curse in 2004, and even better to see my team do so the following year. Will this year be the year that the Cubs break their streak?


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