Outside of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum

The Beautiful John F. Kennedy Museum in Boston, Massachusetts

Every year my wife heads out of town for a conference, and every year I tag along to make some photos. This year the conference was in Boston, and I was very excited to go. For years I have wanted to go, but something has always come up to spoil the plans. I had two main goals heading into my trip to Boston. The first was to go to Fenway Park. As you saw with yesterdays post I made it there. In fact I made Fenway the first stop on my first full day in Boston. To start off the second day I made my way to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum. It is a beautiful museum that I have always wanted to visit. Growing up Catholic I have always seen the imagery of JFK. He was our first real television President. I have wanted to visit the museum far before I became serious about photography. The look of the museum along with the content made this a journey to take on for this trip. This was the only site that I visited that was not within walking distance of the back bay during my trip.

The Week in Photos

You can see more of my photos from the museum in my weekly collection of my favorite images here. This week instead of my favorite action shots from the week it was more of a snapshot of my photos from my trip. As I said above I never really strayed too far from the Back Bay section of Boston. Any place that I went to I walked to. That being said there was plenty to see and photograph there. What a great trip that was, and I would like to head back and spend more time someday. I think the Red Sox should be in town when that happens though.

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