Stan the Man

Visiting Stan Musial in St. Louis

As a child growing up I was taught a lot of things about baseball. One of those was that the White Sox were the team to root for. I also grew up hearing names like Minoso, Williams, Mantle, and Ott. One name that was always brought up as well was Stan Musial. Stan might have just been the perfect ballplayer. He made 3,630 hits during his playing career. When he retired that was the 2nd most in MLB history behind Ty Cobb. What is impressive about that is the way that they are split up. He made 1815 hits at home, and 1815 hits on the road. He was the guy that you could depend on day after day and year after year to perform for you. He was not a flashy player. He did not hit .400 or hit in 56 straight games. All Stan the Man did was play at a very high level for many, many years. He also saved his big moments for the Cubs which is a commendable trait as well.

About the Photo

This photo was made just outside of Busch Stadium last spring. I was in town to cover the MVC Tournament for Indiana State. I purposely picked the hotel next to Busch Stadium so that I could have easy access to it. I really enjoyed my tour of the Cardinal museum. It is a great look back at baseball history. You can read a little about that experience here. On one of my early morning walks around the stadium I had the idea for this silhouette of Stan the Man. You know a man is great when they have not one but two statues for him outside of the stadium. He is forever coiled and ready to strike outside of Busch Stadium.

The Week in Photos

Last week I had a great time making photos again. I shot a concert, some wrestling, soccer, volleyball, and a football game. It is a list that can only occur as the sport seasons start to overlap a bit. You can view my favorite images from last week here.


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