Busch Stadium and the St. Louis Cardinals Museum

Visiting the Home of the St. Louis Cardinals

I thought that with the baseball season right around the corner I would look back at my visit to the home of the St. Louis Cardinals from earlier this month. I was in town for the MVC Tournament, and I had a little spare time on my hands. I was staying right next to Busch Stadium so it was a given that I would walk over to visit the park. I had thought about taking a ballpark tour, but with only two available on a day with thousands of visitors in town it was sold out. I was just going to settle for touring the outside of the park. Looking through the statues outside of the park you are reminded of just how much history there is for baseball in St. Louis. I probably would have been happy just being outside of the park pondering the greats that have come through St. Louis. What I didn’t realize was that they had made a museum that showed me even more of the great things that have come through St. Louis.

The St. Louis Cardinals Museum

One thing that I have always wished for was a good museum for the Chicago White Sox. Before they won their title in 2005 they had a small version of it in the park, but that disappeared when they updated the park in 2006. If you ever visit Cincinnati their museum is a must visit. The Cardinals have now made their ballpark a must visit even when the team is not playing as well. They do a great job of using a small space to show the great history of a club. Of course I have always been a Stan Musial guy so I was really excited to see a lot of the memorabilia for Stan the Man. What I was surprised with though was the amount of things that I was captivated by. This museum is a walk down memory lane that is very much worth taking. Below I have included a few photos from my day at the stadium. St. Louis has really hit one out of the park with the Ballpark Village that was built since my last trip there in 2009.

Rain, Rain Go Away

This post was originally scheduled to post Saturday on the blog. Last night though the rain washed out the baseball game at Purdue that I wanted to shoot. The good thing about having posts scheduled for the future is that you can then move them up to fill gaps. This is one that I really liked so I am excited that it gets to go out a little earlier than I had it scheduled. Tonight I am scheduled to shoot a game in South Bend, but once again weather may force another post to get moved up. The good part about spring is that you can get outside and shoot again. The bad part about that is that the weather can take that shoot away from you.

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