The Inviting Light of Mackey Arena

The Lights of Mackey Arena Shine at Blue Hour

A couple of weeks ago I was picking up a lens near Mackey Arena, and I had some time to kill. The light looked really good when I left my house so I took my camera with me. The lights on and around Mackey have a very yellowish tint to them. Maybe even gold. When the sky is blue like this I love how those lights play with the sky. I tried to move quickly and hit as many areas as I could before the light changed. The light is not even for long so you have to make the images while you can. One of these days I need to go down there with my tripod at blue hour to try this again. Then again not having my tripod allowed me to work pretty quickly here. This was one of my favorite images from that short photo shoot with Mackey Arena. Soon it will be filled up again with fans cheering on their Boilers. For now though it sits empty waiting for the moments it will see this coming year.

The Canon 5D Mark IV Paired With the Canon 24-105mm f/4

When Canon announced their new 5D camera they also announce a new 24-105mm lens. I don’t know which part of the announcement I was more excited for. I really have been waiting a couple of years for the new 5D to drop. It has been everything that I thought it would be. It is a great camera that has been fantastic shooting in low light situations so far. I am still using the 24-105mm lens until the new one comes out. I bought the lens with travel photography in mind. Since that time I have used it for so much more. It is the perfect walk around lens as the 24mm end is wide enough for most shots, and at 105mm you can really get in tight on things if you want. When I travel I still have an ultra wide lens with me for creative purposes, but for the most part the 24-105mm lens is the lens that is on my 5D Mark IV most of the time.



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