Sunrise Over Austin

Watching the Sun Rise Over Austin, Texas

While staying in Austin a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to stay on the 43rd floor of an apartment complex. Photographers might be the only people who like to stay high up in a building. Staying up that high allowed me to have a great view of the city. On one side of the building I could see out towards Ziker Park where the Austin City Limits Festival is held. Looking through some angular glass I had this view here as well. I had to do some creative things to avoid the glare off of the glass here, but in the end I think that it worked out for me. Austin is a beautiful city that I would like to visit a few more times. Being there for the festival I only really got a glimpse of the area near where I was staying. There is a lot more to Austin than that though from what I have seen in other photographers photos.

Using the Canon 5D Mark IV

As I am writing this I have not talked much about the Canon 5D Mark IV on the blog yet. I have had the camera about a month now when this post comes out, and it has delivered so far. It performs in low light like I thought it would, and I have chosen not to buy the battery grip at this point so it is much lighter than my other cameras. I am sure at some point I will wish that I had the extra battery power, but for right now I am enjoying a little lighter camera.


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