Purdue Football Faces Iowa on Homecoming Weekend

Purdue Faces a Tough Test on Homecoming Weekend

Yesterday I was at the Purdue football game against Iowa to make some photos. At one point in time before Rutgers and Maryland were added to the conference Iowa was named our rival by the Big Ten. The Big Ten may have laid off the rival bit here, but I still feel it. This might be the matchup that I have seen the most over my years as a Boiler fan. When I lived in Iowa it was a chance to see my Boilers up close so I would go. With some friends in Iowa I always hope that the Boilers can pull off a win for a little bragging rights. Yesterday it was just not meant to be though as the Boilers lost by two touchdowns.

David Blough Makes His Way Into the Top Ten

One bright spot on the day yesterday was David Blough. His 458 yards passing was the tenth best in Purdue football history. This is at a school known for its Cradle of Quarterbacks. David is a gunslinger. You can see it on the field. This is only year two for him on the field so it will be fun to see what he can do by the end of his run.

Oympians Everywhere!

One thing that is fun about being at Purdue is the fact that you seem to run into olympians everywhere. Yesterday was no exception. Prior to the game I saw olympic diver Steele Johnson and olympic rower Amanda Elmore signing autographs at the Boilermaker Crossing. During the game diver David Boudia joined them on the field to be recognized. The fun thing is that this is just a very small sample of recent olympians that have found success. 

A Cool Moment

One fun thing that happened pregame was having my daughter pose in front of one of my photos at the Boilermaker Crossing. Over the years I have come to sort of like the photo of the players running out prior to the Notre Dame game in 2013. The photo was very well received, but I really did not like it. There were a few things to fix in my opinion. The graphic designers at Purdue have gotten very creative with the photo, and I really don’t mind it now. At some point though it will disappear, and that will be fine with me. As I was walking around with my daughter she started cheering next to the photo. I asked if she wanted to cheer in front of the photo and she said yes. The fall of 2013 was a good one for me. I found success with the photo above, and it jumpstarted this path that I am on now. A couple of weeks later Lanie was born. Long after the photo is forgotten Lanie will still be here for me, but for a moment their paths crossed which was a cool thing.

More Photos From the Day

It was a very fun day for me yesterday. I put some of my favorite photos from pregame to the actual game into one Exposure page that you can find here. Before the game even started I was able to get back out and photograph some wrestling as well as a concert. Some of that can be found in the gallery.


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