Purdue Volleyball Faces Penn State on Homecoming Weekend

Purdue Faces Yet Another Top Ten Team

This season it seems like Purdue volleyball has faced their share of top 10 teams. Playing in the Big Ten will do that to you. Penn State came into the contest ranked 10th, but I think that they will be much higher by the end of the season. Some days it is not your day, and I think that was the case last night for Purdue. They battled hard, but could not get the win. I would think that by the end of the season all of these tests against top ten teams will make this young team that much tougher. In the NCAA Tournament they could be a tough out.

The Boiler Block Gets Loud

Last night the Boiler Block (the Purdue volleyball student section) attempted to break their own decibel record. They did not do it, but they did everything that they could to do so. They really make the volleyball games fun, and it was fun to make a couple of photos of them last night. The one above was one of my favorites. I always want to get a shot like this during a match, but I am not able due to rules like the fact I can’t be on the court. Here though during the contest I was able to get right into the action to make the photo that I wanted to make. It might be my favorite shot of the night.


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