Darrell Hazell in Photos

The End of An Era at Purdue

Today Purdue announced that head football coach Darrell Hazell will no longer be the head coach of the Boilermakers. That really is a sad day because he really seemed like the right guy to get Purdue headed in the right direction. He did things the right way, and never did anything to put Purdue in a bad light. After the previous coach that was very refreshing. That being said things just did not work out. That happens in any job in any field. Sometimes for whatever reason things just don’t go the way that you think that they will. I was hoping that things would turn around for the better. For whatever reason they did not though. I am not one that takes pleasure on a day like this. A man lost his job, and his family will most likely be relocating. That is part of the job though, but no one wants to go through it. I wish him the best in whatever comes next. He seemed to really do things the right way, and judging by the reactions on social media by his players today he was well liked. Darrell is the only coach of Purdue that I have photographed on the field at Purdue. In fact the way that I understand it he had something to do with me getting onto the field. He liked one of my photos and wanted to use it for the team. For that I will always owe him a debt of gratitude. Here are a few photos of Darrell from over the years that I liked.


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