Purdue Wrestling Practice on the Patio

Purdue Wrestling Holds an Open Practice at Ross Ade Stadium

Saturday morning the Purdue wrestling team practiced on the patio of Ross Ade Stadium. I was excited about this from the moment it was announced. I thought that Ross Ade as a background would look very cool for the wrestlers. I was right. I was not there for very long, but it was very cool to see. Purdue has really stepped it up with their marketing in the last couple of years, and this was one of the best ideas that they have come up with. By the time the Boilers have their first home meet it would be too cold to be outdoors, but this would be a great setting for a meet. A few well placed remote cameras would make it a match to remember. The first match against a single opponent is on Thanksgiving weekend though, and that could be a cold one.

More Photos From the Weekend

I have made a couple of galleries of photos to share. The first you can find here. It is my gallery of images from a busy Saturday. Some pregame festivities, the wrestlers on the patio, and the football game are all included. I also have made a gallery with my favorite photos from the past week which you can also find here. I shot a lot this week, and it shows in the gallery. This week I went out to a couple of events with this gallery in mind. It gives me a little extra push to get out and create some days.


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