Purdue Beats Maryland 1-0 to Start Homecoming Weekend Off Right

Purdue Uses a Late Goal to Defeat Maryland

Last night the weather looked great so I decided to head down to Folk Field to make a couple of sunset images. My intention was just to stay for the first half, but I was having so much fun I ended up staying the entire game. With about ten minutes left in play Hannah Williams redirected a loose ball into the net for what would be the game winner. Not long before the goal I had moved near the goal with my 70-200mm lens on my new Canon 5D Mark IV. I wanted to test it out a bit so I moved to a place where it would have some range. As this play developed I was pleased with how the camera performed. The shot of Hannah making contact with the ball was a little soft, but I would put that more on the photographer than the camera. With the 5DIV in my arsenal now I have two really good options when the light is bad. Throw the 5DIII into the mix, and I have a full kit if I need it.

Using the Light

All throughout the day the clouds were amazing. I knew that they would give us a great sunset at Folk Field later that night. Of course they moved through before the start of the game. I went to the stadium even earlier because they were gone to play with the sun a little. I wanted to make a shot like the one above. When you have conditions like they were, all you have to do is position yourself where you need to be. Then when the action comes to you everything else is set. Here it took a little bit, but the drill eventually comes into the exact right spot to make this image. Nobody will ever use this for anything, but it is something that I wanted to make.

More From the Game

I had no intention of making an Exposure page for the game last night. As has become the norm though the win was so much fun that I really wanted to do so. You can find that page here. Some good light early combined with a big play late makes for a good gallery.


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