Purdue Sweeps Indiana to Keep the Monon Spike

Purdue Sweeps IU With the Monon Spike on the Line

Saturday night the Purdue volleyball team capped off a great day on campus by sweeping the Hoosiers in three sets. The Mackey game each year is special, and after it is over I wonder why they are not all played in Mackey. I love the big time atmosphere that it provides. That being said I like my shooting locations in Holloway a little better. On a hot late September night Purdue did what they needed to do, and swept the Hoosiers so we could all go home early. More importantly they kept the Monon Spike at Purdue yet again.

A Huge Crowd Comes Out to See the Sweep

My eyes must have been tired from a long day, but I swear that I saw more than the announced crowd in Mackey Saturday night. There were some empty seats, but it didn’t seem like there were 6,000 empty seats out there. It was the best crowd that I have seen for one of these Mackey games. As I was going up the stairs to get the shot above during the National Anthem the crowd let out a roar that was similar to one I would hear at a basketball game. It gave me the chills on a night when the heat should not let that happen. It was a big game atmosphere, and the Boilers came out playing like it was.

Purdue vs. Indiana Photo Gallery

I put some of my favorite images from the night into an Exposure page that you can find here. Just like yesterday I would also like to plug my other page from Saturday as well. I had a great time at the football game watching the Boilers raise the W flag. You can find my page from that game here.


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