Let Down Your Hair

Rapunzel’s Tower At The Magic Kingdom

While walking around at Disney I would be engaged with my family, and then suddenly like the dog in the movie Up get distracted. There would be an interesting object that I would want to photograph. I will say that over the course of the last nearly five years I have become much more familiar with the Disney Princess family. I know enough to immediately notice that this is Rapunzel’s Tower on the other side of the rocks. I liked the terrain around it, and knew that it could be an interesting picture.

The Week In Photos

This past week was a fun week to make photos. On the sports side I had Purdue volleyball opening up Big Ten play, and then playing Indiana in Mackey Arena for the Monon Spike. Both matches were fun to cover with a lot of emotion to go around. Saturday morning I was back in Ross Ade Stadium for the first time to see the Boilermaker football team play. They put on a great show, and showed a little toughness in a come from behind win over Nevada. On a personal note my daughter turned three, and that provided me with a few great moments to capture as well. It was a fun week that you can relive by clicking here.

A Very Happy Birthday

Today is my wife’s birthday. Having a birthday four days after our daughter means that she probably doesn’t get the treatment that she should. Meeting her was one of the best things that ever happened to me though. The career change that I have chosen would probably not have happened without the gentle push that she gave me. At one point during the course of this blog she may have been the only one reading it. Every weekday my post goes out at 9:27 as a little nod to her everyday. So if you are reading this during your lunch hour I just want to say Happy Birthday. I will try not to burn dinner for you tonight.


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