Purdue Wins The Stacey Clark Classic

Purdue Wins the 2016 Stacey Clark Classic

Last weekend the inaugural Stacey Clark Classic was played at Purdue University. I have talked about Stacey on this blog before, but one more time won’t hurt. Stacey was the kind of fan that every team needs. She brought her joy and passion for the sport to the court every game. She also brought her camera. Last year I remember a huge block by a back row Boilermaker. They moved up and made a huge play. I was shooting that game for Purdue, and I was sitting on one of our outside hitters at the time. I missed the play. Stacey did not. Of course she nailed the moment and the celebration after the moment. She spent her time trying to give back to the teams that gave so much to her. As the first Stacey Clark Classic moved on I realized that Purdue was trying to give her something. They were playing their hearts out all weekend. You could see a level of energy that I don’t recall seeing in the past. They wanted that trophy bad, and in the end they walked away with it. I was not shooting the final game for Purdue, but after the awards I paused for a moment to make the photo that you see above. I really thought that it was a moment that I wanted to capture. I am glad that I did.

The Start of Big Ten Play

This blog is really not a news source. If it was a news source I would have posted this on Saturday when it was fresh. It is posted a couple of days late, and on the day that Purdue begins Big Ten play. Illinois comes to West Lafayette to start the Big Ten season. This is a big few days for Purdue as they need to get off on the right foot in league play. After Illinois looms the big Mackey game against Indiana. Both matches in the win column would be a great way to start off the Big Ten season.

More Photos From the Weekend

This was a fun weekend. That made for some great photos. I have made an Exposure page just for the tournament that you can find here. I also have made my weekly Exposure page with some of my favorite images from the week that you can find here. A lot to look at, but some nice moments make it easy to go through them all.


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