Purdue Volleyball Upsets #4 Kansas

Purdue Takes Down the #4 Team in the Country In Front of a Rowdy Crowd

Friday night I was finishing up sending in my photos from the third game of the Stacey Clark Classic when the fourth game was getting ready to start. The crowd was really into the pregame, and that made me take notice. While at my computer at the end of the court I realized that something special was happening. I grabbed my 5D and went up into the stands to get a wide angle of the crowd during the National Anthem. This was going to be a special night so instead of packing up to go home I stuck around. I grabbed a couple of cameras and decided to document the game. As the match progressed the crowd and the players were really getting worked into a frenzy. It was a great night to be in Holloway Gymnasium for sure. It was a special night, and I was glad to be a little part of it. The photo above is an example of how the night went. Purdue won the first set, and had a nice lead in set two. As sometimes happens the tide turned, and Kansas stole set two. Purdue came out with a purpose during set three, and took the next two sets. The were on a mission this weekend, and I will say that they accomplished it.

More Photos From the Weekend

This was a fun weekend. I really think that Purdue came out with a purpose to win the first Stacey Clark Classic. Stacey was a big time supporter of the volleyball team that passed in February. I don’t know that I have ever seen the volleyball team exhibit such emotion during a three match tournament as they did this past weekend. They really brought it, and I think some of that was that they wanted that trophy to stay at Purdue. That made for some great photos. I have made an Exposure page just for the tournament that you can find here. I also have made my weekly Exposure page with some of my favorite images from the week that you can find here. A lot to look at, but some nice moments make it easy to go through them all.


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