Purdue Volleyball Opens the Big Ten Season Against Illinois

The Big Ten Season Opens Up With a Five Set Match

Last night I was back in Holloway Gymnasium to see Purdue take on Illinois to open the Big Ten season. After a successful pre-conference season it was time to really start the season. If you don’t follow volleyball then you need to know that the Big Ten is the toughest conference in college volleyball. Right now the top 3 teams in the polls are from the Big Ten. This is going to be an interesting season seeing where this team falls in that group. Last nights match went five sets before Illinois finally won. It was a great match thought that showed this young teams will to win. After a questionable call that put Purdue behind in the fourth set things looked bad for the Boilers. They came out of a timeout and came back to win set four. Mackey was rocking as they did so. Saturday is the annual Mackey match, and this year Purdue will battle Indiana for the Monon Spike there. If you ever want to see a Purdue volleyball match this is a good time to do so.

Testing the New Canon 5D Mark IV

Yesterday the new Canon 5D Mark IV arrived, and I was anxious to use it. I took it to my daughters school early in the day to make some photos with it. Trying to capture toddlers is a great way to test a camera. I took the camera to Holloway to give it another test. So far I think that it really is a good camera. Most of the time I forgot that I had it instead of my 5D Mark III in my hands. Over the course of the next week or so I will have a few chances to really test this camera out. I am sure that you will hear a little more about it as I put it through he paces.


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