The Flying Boxcar

Seeing The C-119G Up Close

Last year I made a trip to Grissom Air Force base on my way to a Kokomo Jackrabbits game. One stop that I had been wanting to make for some time was to visit the Grissom Air Base. I was there once probably close to twenty years before, and I knew that it would make for some fabulous photos. I love the way that these older planes look, and the personality that they were given. I don’t know much about what they were used for, but that is part of the fun as well. You learn a little bit about your subjects as you walk around the museum.

A Special Day

It is hard to believe that 33 years ago I was pulled out of school early because my brother was born. Truly one of the best things to happen to me was his birth. We are seven years apart, but we act so much alike that you might think that we are twins. If you know me personally why not take a second to wish him a happy birthday?


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