Harrison High School Soccer Defeats Lafayette Jeff

Harrison High School Cruises Against Jeff

Last night I made my way to the Harrison soccer field to see the Harrison Raiders play. My friend Bryan is the coach, and he has really got a good thing going there. Right now Harrison is ranked #1 in the state. They look like it the way that they are playing. They were up 5-0 at the half when I left last night. Harrison is good enough that it makes for good photos. They are on the offensive end of the field for a good portion of the game, and their attacking style makes for great photos. I always want to get to more games, but life and work always seems to get in the way. Usually it seems like the night I can show up and shoot the skies open up and I shoot in a torrential rain. Last night was perfect weather for a game, and some great light to shoot in during the first half. Hopefully I can get to a couple of more games as the season goes on. I would love to follow this team to Indy.

Harrison vs. Jeff Photo Gallery

I have a full gallery from both games up here. I only saw the very end of the JV game so I don’t have a lot from it. I also only stayed for the first half of the varsity game. The light was gone, and I knew that I had some good stuff so I went home in order to edit. I have put a couple of my favorite images below as well. You can download the images from my site to use however you want to. I just ask that if you post them on social media that you credit me. Here are a couple more of my favorites from the night.


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