Down By The Lake

Lightpainting on Pewaukee Lake

Friday night we arrived in Wisconsin after a long drive. For part of that drive I was in the far back of the car watching a Dave Black video on lightpainting landscapes. Of course as everyone settled in to go to sleep I went down to the lake to play around a little. I had an idea for some star trails, but heavy air traffic ended that though. I tried a couple of locations before seeing the obvious one here. I liked the scene without light in it, but just a touch of light on the boat made it a little cooler to me. I had one very blue light with me to paint with. I would have liked to have had some gels, but you don’t always get what you want. Here I just put the light on the boat for a quick second of the 15 second exposure. On and off was all that it took to put a little light on the boat. This coming week I have a couple of things coming to the house that will make lightpainting a little easier. It should also help make color choices a little easier as well.

The Week In Photos

As I do every week I have compiled some of my favorite photos from the week prior into one Exposure post here. This week is a smaller post with my photos from the Wisconsin trip in it. A couple of my other attempts at lightpainting show up in it as well. It will be fun to see what ends up in next week’s post.¬†With a football road trip to Minnesota on the books it might be a heavy football post. I need a lot of football to come up quickly for sure.


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