Seeing Jimmy Buffett For the Fifth Straight Year

Every year since I met my wife I have gone to see Jimmy Buffett in concert. For the last couple of years life has gotten in the way of seeing Jimmy in Indy so we have had to travel a bit to see him in concert. Last year that meant a trip to Chicago. This year it meant a Labor Day weekend trip to Alpine Valley in Wisconsin to see him perform. Normally Jimmy is a summer treat, and with football season starting up this seemed more like fall to me. It was hard not being at the first Purdue football game of the year, but it was a great weekend with family and Jimmy. The show was as it normally is. Jimmy is amazingly spry for his age, and he does not disappoint. He even sang a song to my Delaney. Maybe it was his daughter named Delaney, but we won’t bother to figure out which one the song was made for.

My Obligatory Canon G16 Concert Post

Once again I attended a concert with my Canon G16 point and shoot camera. I love how this little camera that they allow me to take into the concert can give me the images that I want. I really only bring this camera out when I cannot use my dSLR, but when I do I am always happy with the images. I could use a little less noise at 400 ISO. I don’t know that I will get that upgrade though as this line of Canon cameras appeared to have ended with the G16. I used the Canon G16 for all of my photos on the day including the candids in the parking lot. Knowing that it probably does not have a successor means that I will really have to take care of this one.

Jimmy Buffett at Alpine Valley Photo Gallery

Below are a few images that I liked from the tailgate and the concert. It was a fun day that allowed me to make some interesting photos. I really did not have my camera out much, but when I did it was usually because something interesting was going on.


About Pinola Photo

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