Top Ten Photos From the Colt World Series

My Ten Favorite Photos From the 2016 Colt World Series

This past year I made an effort to make as many of the Colt World Series games as I could. I love the emotion and intensity that this tournament is played with. That emotion combined with the great light that comes into Loeb Stadium makes for some good photos. You can see all of my favorites from the tournament on my Exposure page here. For now though let’s take a look at my ten favorite photos from the 2016 Colt World Series.

10. The first photo of the countdown is a moment of action that I liked. The player off of the ground throwing to first base normally makes for a good photo. The late afternoon light helps make this a photo that I liked from the moment I saw it in the back of the camera.

9. This was one of the first photos that I made on the first day of the tournament. As this South Korean player was rounding second he ran through a zone on the field which I thought was kind of nice. Usually you want a clean background, but I like the way the background looks here. Being right under the South Korean flag helps out a little here as well.

8. West Lafayette catcher Own Walbaum put down a beautiful squeeze bunt here in the first Hoosier North game of the tournament. The bunt was good enough to bring home a run, and help Hoosier North to the victory. I liked seeing the kid from the field near my house doing good in the tournament. Own will make another appearance in the countdown.

7. Of course I had to make a multi-exposure during the tournament. During the late games once the light was gone I would experiment a little trying some new things. I was really going for a panning shot, but of course the action never really seemed to come to me when I was set up for panning. I knew that I could make an interesting multi-exposure with this pitchers motion. I like the way that this turned out.

6. From the moment I saw the Aruba uniforms on Opening Night I knew that I wanted to make some photos of the team. A few things got in the way of that until the second to last day of the tournament. As the sun was going down I knew that it was my time to make some photos of the kids from Aruba. I like the determination on the face here as the kid runs to first base.

5. The fans really came out to support the team from Mexico. I loved the red background, and here I tried to work it into one of my photos. Here I thought that this showed a large number of the fans in the background as the batter waited for the pitch.

4. Mexico made it to the final game so of course I have a few extra photos of them in this countdown. Here on day one the right fielder stretches out to catch a ball in the field. I was in a good position to capture this moment, and it is one of my favorites from the tournament.

3. In the title game there was a lot of emotion, and some critical plays that determined the game. At one point I thought that this great tag by Owen Walbaum at home would be one of those plays. I really like the moment though, and it really is one of my favorite shots from the week. You can see the effort put into the play by both players here.

2. Here is another shot where the light really makes the photo. I don’t think this would be on the countdown let alone this high without the golden light on the player and the ball. It even helps pick up the dirt from the spike in the background. That light is what makes shooting at Loeb Stadium so much fun. It will be interesting to see what happens with the new stadium that is in planning now. Will the light be the same? Probably not. I had better get out and make photos next year before the light changes.

  1. The goal of the tournament is to win it all. That is obvious. My goal was to make one picture that captured that. As the catcher jumped into the pitchers arms I knew that I had that moment. I positioned myself on the third base side so that the fans in red would be my background. I think that my planned worked out well, and I made a photo that I really liked.

This was a very fun tournament to photograph. Next year I need to make sure that my schedule is clear so that I can document the final Colt World Series in Loeb Stadium as we know it now. With some time passed since the final game it was fun to go back through my photos from the tournament to pick out the ten that I liked the most. I could have a huge gallery of photos that I liked from the tournament. I guess that is what the Exposure page is for.


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