Photographing in Historic Huff Hall

Photographing in a Historic Stadium

When the job in Champaign came up to cover the Xavier volleyball team I said yes right away as they are great to work with. One bonus in making the trip was that I was going to get to shoot in historic Huff Hall. Huff Hall opened in 1925. For years this was the indoor venue for Illini sports. The men’s and women’s basketball teams had long runs in this stadium. It has also hosting volleyball, fencing, gymnastics, and wrestling. At one time it actually had a pool in it as well. A few years ago it underwent a major overhaul that changed how it looks inside, but it still has the feel of an old time gym. Some people complain about shooting in older venues, but I really enjoyed finding ways to show it off.

Traveling to Champaign

Over the course of the last ten years or so I have made many trips to Champaign. I first came to the campus to watch the Purdue baseball team play a Saturday doubleheader when they still played two on Saturdays. I have also been here to photograph football and basketball as a fan. Those trips have all been fun, but this one will stick out as I always get a little extra kick when I am getting paid for a job. It is not the money, but rather the increased expectations that I put on myself when someone is paying me to photograph a game. This year I have at least one more trip planned to Champaign to cover a sport. If everything goes well I will be hear to cover the Purdue football game later this fall. That should be a great time.


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