Missouri State Defeats Arkansas in the Illini Classic

Missouri State Beats Arkansas in Three Sets

The second game Saturday in Champaign featured the Arkansas Razorbacks and the Missouri State Bears. I did not have a team playing in this game so I was not really going to cover it. I spent most of the first set finally getting a chance to eat, and sending my photos from the Xavier game in. After I was done I decided to go down to the floor and try something out. I wanted to just see if I could get a really good tight celebration shot. I put my 400mm lens on my Canon 1DX, and went down to the floor. Shortly after I made my way down I made the photo that you see above. I had a lot working in my favor here. First off I just randomly picked Barbara Dapic to key on for this play. Her team then won the point, and she turned right at my camera in full jube. The hair flying, the fist pumping, and the yell all really made this photo for me. I played around for the rest of the second set, but I knew that the photo above would be the one from that match. I had too much luck on my side there. I had a book to read in between my matches, but I am glad that I made my way down to the court for a set. I made a portfolio shot as a reward.

The Week In Photos

Every week I put together some of my favorite photos of the week into one Exposure post. It is a great way for me to look back at the previous week to see things that I did right, and what I can improve on. You can take a look at some of my favorite images from last week here. I will say though that it is mostly volleyball shots as I was a part of a lot of volleyball this past week.


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