Xavier Falls To Illinois in the Illini Classic

Xavier Loses a Tough Match to Illinois in the Illini Classic

Last Saturday I made my way to Champaign, Illinois to cover Xavier in the Illini Classic. After shooting three plus games Friday I did not know what I would have left creatively Saturday to give Xavier. I knew that I could cover the game, but could I give them a little more? For some reason the change of scenery really seemed to get the creative juices going as I may have had my best game of the year to that point. It may also have been the way that Xavier was playing as well. They jumped ahead of Illinois with thoughts of an upset in their heads. A tough loss in the second set when they were way up with a 2-0 lead in sight may have been too much to overcome in the end. Had they been able to win that second set I think that the momentum would have been on their side. They did not though, and they ended up falling in four sets. It was still a fun match to cover, and it was nice to get out and photograph some volleyball somewhere new.

The Week In Photos

Every week I put together some of my favorite photos of the week into one Exposure post. It is a great way for me to look back at the previous week to see things that I did right, and what I can improve on. You can take a look at some of my favorite images from last week here. I will say though that it is mostly volleyball shots as I was a part of a lot of volleyball this past week.


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