Purdue Defeats Washington State in Four Sets

Purdue Volleyball Defeats Washington State

The nightcap of the first night of the Mortar Board Premier featured the two teams that I had covered earlier in the day. For this game I covered Washington State though. When it is full Holloway Gymnasium is rocking, and on Friday night it was rocking. It had to be a tough environment for Washington State to play in, but they did not act like it. They hung right with Purdue before eventually falling in four sets. This was a contest full of emotion, and as a photographer that is what I like to see. The shot above is just one example of the emotion boiling over. Days like Friday have me excited to shoot more volleyball.

A Fond Farewell

At the end of the day today Morgan Burke will step aside as the Purdue Athletic Director, and Mike Bobinski will take his place. I don’t have a personal relationship with Morgan as I am not part of the athletic department. My contact with him has been very brief over the years. One thing I can appreciate though is the fact that he came out of the stands, and built so much for Purdue. His love for the school has always been very obvious. Now that he is retiring he can go back up into the stands to enjoy Purdue sports. The good news is that the stands look much better now than they did when he came to Purdue, and he has much nicer facilities to watch his teams in. Thank you for everything Morgan.

The Week In Photos

Every week I put together some of my favorite photos of the week into one Exposure post. It is a great way for me to look back at the previous week to see things that I did right, and what I can improve on. You can take a look at some of my favorite images from last week here. I will say though that it is mostly volleyball shots as I was a part of a lot of volleyball this past week.



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