West Lafayette Defeats Tri-West to Start the 2016 Season

Heading Down the Street to Watch Football!

Football season is here! It is that time of year again when it is time to put the helmets on and play some football again. After having dinner with the family I made my way down to the West Lafayette football field to watch some football. I made it in during the second quarter, and stayed for nearly the entire game. It was a good hard hitting game that made me glad to see football again. I spent most of the second quarter playing around with some slow shutter speeds. This is something that I did at the Colt World Series as well. I was sitting on one play to run a certain way to make an interesting photo. I wasted about a quarter and a half doing this with only one decent shot from the experiment. That is why I go out to things like this though. If I fail trying something crazy out it really doesn’t matter. I still made some photos from the game that I liked, and I learned that 1/15th of a second is hard to nail down when the coach isn’t calling the off tackle run like he should. Instead he was calling long pass plays for touchdowns.

More Exciting Football News

In a couple of weeks I will be taking a road trip with the Indiana State football team to Minnesota to see them take on the Golden Gophers. I have been trying for a couple of years now to do a behind the scenes look at a road trip with no takers. Here is a great opportunity to follow a team through an entire football weekend. I am excited to get out and do it, and to see another Big Ten venue up close as well. This was part of the reasons in an earlier post when I talked about being excited for this upcoming football season. Every year I try and top my photos from the year before. This year I have a goal to make my entire best of ’16 football post better than any photo from last year’s post. I have a few road trips already booked to shoot some games in some cool venues so I will have plenty of chances to do just that.


West Lafayette vs. Tri West Photo Gallery

Here are a few photos that I liked from the game.


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