Mexico Wins the 2016 Colt World Series

Mexico Defeats Hoosier North To Win the 2016 Colt World Series

Two years ago I attended my first Colt World Series game. It was the 2014 title game, and it was a back and forth affair that I did not think could be topped. As far as excitement goes I think that the 2016 title game has to be right up there. Both Mexico and Hoosier North held leads in this game, but in the end it was Mexico that won 6-5. If you could award the title based on fan support Mexico would have won this title in a landslide. They were bringing it every game with a large and boisterous crowd. In the end it was a great game to cap off a great week of baseball. Next year cannot come soon enough.

Some Great Baseball Over the Past Week

I really loved watching the great baseball that I saw over the past week. I don’t think that I have seen as many good bunts over the course of this entire baseball season as I saw in this tournament. I have covered a lot of games this year too. The fundamentals are good for the most part here. This is something that I would love to watch every year. It is great to see the different teams from different nations early in the tournament, and then watch as they work themselves down to the final team. This year we even had a local team in the title game which was exciting. I can’t wait to see the teams come back next year for the final year in this version of Loeb Stadium.

More Photos From the Game

I would usually post a few bonus photos below from the game, but I have put up my Exposure page for the tournament. You can find that here. In there I have my favorite photos from last night as well as the rest of the tournament. When this tournament started I went into it knowing that I would be creating this Exposure page for it. If you want to see photos from the game then you can view the gallery on my website here.

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