A Good Stop

Finally Stopping at a Barn

When I make trips back home I always see this barn on the side of the road. It is around the middle of my drive from West Lafayette to LaPorte. I usually go through in bad light so I don’t stop to photograph the barn. A few weeks ago though I was driving through as the sun was setting. It really looked good on one of the clouds in the distance, and I was looking for something to put into my foreground. As luck would have it I was driving past this barn at the time, and I was finally able to make a photo of it. This blog started nearly five years ago with many pictures of barns. Over the course of the three years I have added many barn photos to this blog. I still like to go out and find a new barn every now and then for the blog.

The Week In Photos

It is that time of the week where I put together some of my favorite photos from the last week into one Exposure post. I have been doing this for a while now, and I really enjoy the process. I started this process back in January, and I have enjoyed how Exposure makes my photos look. I plan on keeping this up for a long time. Next week I will have the conclusion of the Colt World Series as well as some festival photos to share. Here are my favorite photos from last week.


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