Day Five of the Colt World Series: Lafayette All Stars vs. Mexico

Mexico Defeats the Lafayette All Stars to Advance to the Colt World Series Championship Game

The final game of day five was between Mexico and Lafayette. Lafayette had a tall order on their hands as they would have to beat Mexico twice on back to back days to advance to the Colt World Series championship game. I say that it was a tall order because despite the Colt World Series being in Lafayette it seemed as if it was a home game for Mexico. They have very passionate fan base that is constantly in the game. From day one I thought that the crowd that they bought would be a factor in this tournament. The Lafayette All Stars put up a fight, but in the end they fell run one short.

Saying Goodbye to a Local Team

By the time that this goes live all of the teams will be done with the tournament so it will be no big deal, but in something like this you always want the local teams to advance because they are the teams that drive people to your work. There were some familiar faces on this team as well so you want to see them do well. The good news for these young kids is that they have more baseball ahead of them. It will be fun to see how these kids progress as they finish off their high school careers.

A Look Back at the Colt World Series

When this tournament started I went into it knowing that I would be putting together an Exposure page for the tournament. Lately I have just been putting together my weekly Exposure posts without putting together stories from one event. Here I wanted to show a little bit more of the tournament in my post. You can view some of my favorite photos from the tournament here.

Mexico vs. Lafayette All Stars Photo Gallery

Below are some of my favorite photos from the final game of day five here.


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