Day Two of the 2016 Colt World Series

The Colt World Series Has a Crazy Start to Day Two

Yesterday I was only able to make the first game of the Colt World Series. By the time I made it to the stadium the Korean team had already jumped out to a big lead thanks to a nine run first inning. As the game went on though the Central Michigan team started clawing their way back into the game. Just before the top of the sixth inning the game was halted as some officials took some bats away from the Korean team. A lot of talking then ensued as the protocol for the rest of the game was figured out. From what I heard after the incident the umpires noticed the illegal bats in the third inning, but did not stop the game. For some reason the news had to trickle up to the heads of the Pony league before anything was done. In the meantime Korea had three more at bats with the illegal bats. I really don’t know how these things are supposed to go, but the players using the bats as well as the manager were kicked out of the game. At that point though it was nearly too late. It will be interesting to see what comes of this by the time tomorrow comes around. In between the big first inning and the bat incident I saw some more really good baseball.

Why Photograph the Colt World Series?

Over the course of the last couple of days I have had some people asking why I am photographing the Colt World Series. Moments like the one above are the major reason why. At this point this is still a game to the players, and they are out having fun playing it. The baseball is also good, but I think the moments in between the moments on the field are also really good. I have really had a great time photographing the last two days, and I think as the days go on the emotion will increase as well.

More Photos From Day Two of the Colt World Series

You can find more photos from day two of the Colt World Series here on my SmugMug site. I only shot about four innings, but I was still able to make some photos that I liked. I also have some photos from last night’s Indianapolis Indians game that I will share in a later post.


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