Back at Victory Field

Spending a Diamond Anniversary at the Diamond

Last Saturday night we made our way to Victory Field to celebrate my in-laws 60th wedding anniversary. As you may or may not know the 60th is represented by the diamond so what better way to celebrate the diamond anniversary than at a ballpark. I really had an interesting time at the park as I was not there to cover a game. The last time that I was at Victory Field as a fan was in 2011. I have come to a point where it is hard for me to attend events as a fan. I have to be shooting to be at a sporting event. Saturday night I thought that I did a good job of not worrying about shooting the action and hanging out with my family. I made more pictures of them than anything else. I purposely only took my 24-105mm lens so I would not be tempted to try and shoot the action.

Finding Your Work Everywhere

At this point in my short career I have now had a few covers. It is still exciting to see each one in print though. As we walked around the park on Saturday I noticed the light hitting this souvenir stand just right so I made a photo of the Indians employee with my cover in his hands. While at the park I also bought a pack of their baseball cards and found some of my photos in there as well. It is too bad that things didn’t work out as this is a great place to make some interesting photos. That is the nature of this game though. We both wanted different things, and could not come to an agreement that made both parties happy. When the season started I thought that I would be spending a lot of my summer at the ballpark. A very one sided contract made sure that I would not be there all summer. It was fun spending a few months with the Indians though, and I was able to make some nice images that will be in my portfolio for a while. There is a positive that comes from every negative though. I was able to travel more this summer without having a minor league schedule to worry about. The trips at the end of this summer would not have been possible if I had been shooting for the Indians. In the end it all worked out for the best.

The Week In Photos

It is that time of the week where I put together some of my favorite photos from the last week into one Exposure post. I have been doing this for a while now, and I really enjoy the process. I started this process back in January, and I have enjoyed how Exposure makes my photos look. I plan on keeping this up for a long time. Next week I will have the conclusion of the Colt World Series as well as some festival photos to share. Here are my favorite photos from last week.

Bonus Photos

Here are a couple of bonus photos from my trip to Victory Field. You will notice one action shot, and that was because the player was right in front of my, and I could not help myself.


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