Xavier Defeats Vanderbilt in the Nashville Regional

Xavier Uses a Huge Sixth Inning to Defeat Vandy

Yesterday the first game on the docket was the game that was supposed to be the nightcap Friday night. Vandy came into the game as the host and #1 seed, and Xavier was the #4 seed in the tournament. This was a very tight game until the sixth inning, and that was when the damn broke. Xavier put a 13 spot on the board to take the first game and advance to the winner’s bracket to play UCSB. Normally this is the team that you can’t help but root for in this situation. There are reasons why even though my team won that I had some mixed emotions about that.

Vanderbilt Trying to Keep Moving On

The point of the tournament is to keep moving on. You want to keep advancing to the next game. Vandy is playing with heavy hearts as they lost a teammate on Thursday. Donny Everett drowned while fishing with his teammates the day before they were to take on Xavier to start the NCAA baseball tournament at home. You could see the loss hanging on the players before the game started. You could hear the burden of the loss in the voice of the PA announcer. You have to remember that these are young kids playing a game. That game has to mean a little less when you have just lost your friend. In the cruel world that we live in Vandy looses the game, and has to immediately play another game with their tournament at stake. You have to feel for the players, and everyone around the team.

Bonus Photos

Once again I am writing this in a lightning delay. With that in mind here are a few bonus photos that I liked from the game.


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