Blake Snell Pitches For the Durham Bulls

Blake Snell

Watching Blake Snell Pitch

Yesterday I made my way to Victory Field with a different mindset than normal. I was just there to make a few images of future Tampa Bay Ray Blake Snell. My daughter was with me so I only made images for a half inning before moving on to having some fun at the ballpark. It was an interesting experience just watching a game for once. Actually we played more than we watched the game so I missed all of the scoring. It was nice to not be in the zone worried about capturing all of the action for once. Blake was the Minor League pitcher of the year last season so it never hurts to have a few stock images of him. I shot for a little of the pregame, and then the first inning that he pitched before packing up my gear for the day. I was lucky to get the chance to photograph him in Indy at all as I thought that he would be with the big club way before this. I don’t think it will be long before we see Blake doing good things at the Major League level.

Using the Canon 7D Mark II

On a shoot like this it did not make much sense for me to take all of my gear to the game. I love the look that my Canon 1DX gives me on my 400mm lens, but I don’t like lugging it around for a half inning of photography. I decided to take my Canon 7D Mark II with my 70-200mm lens on it with the 1.4x extender as well. This would get me close enough to the action for what I was doing. It is also much easier to carry around. The 7D was my go to camera for about a year before the low light problems made it slip a bit in my camera bag. During a day game like this though it is a great camera that gets the job done. As the baseball season gets longer I may bring it out more and more to get a little closer to the action when I need too.

The MiLB Photos of the Week

Last week I didn’t have an image that I thought was the one. After making some images that I have really liked early in the season I thought that I had an off week. Sometimes you are lucky and in the right position, and sometimes you are not. With that being said I did have a couple of images make the MiLB Photos of the Week again this week. This is a fun way to celebrate another week shooting baseball. It also keeps the competitive juices flowing enough to keep going for that killer shot. You can see all of the photos selected by clicking here.


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