Posing at the Bean

Waiting For The Right Shot at the Bean

This past summer I was in Chicago for just a couple of days. I stayed very close to ‘the Bean’ or Cloud Gate as it is actually named, and I wanted to go and photograph it early in the morning. In the past I had just walked up to it before sunrise to make an image. This time though there was a guard on a segway that would not let anyone in until a certain time. The line to get in was very interesting with the group that was there. People from all walks of life were waiting to get in there early for many different reasons. A bride and a groom waited to have their photo taken at the Bean. Tourists waited to see the Bean with less of a crowd around it. This group of oriental ladies waited to film a video of them walking in front of the Bean. I had an idea for an interesting picture with them moving a bit through my photo. I set the shutter speed to a half second, and gave it a try. I like the way that this turned out.

A Busy Weekend

I thought at one time that this would be a light weekend for me. Just a couple of baseball games with very easy goals for each game. Of course then I picked up a track meet where you really have to move. A light weekend turned into a busy one in a hurry. I love shooting track though so it works out very well for me. The current track team at Purdue is probably one of the best in school history. They have big things waiting for them. I look forward to seeing the seniors compete one last time. I will also get to meet Ryne Sandberg in Indy tomorrow so there is that as well.


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