Time Flies By In Paris

Visiting France at Epcot

One of my favorite places that I visited last year was Epcot in Florida. For someone who likes to make travel photos, but does not have the time to do it right now it allowed me to tour the world in a few hours. I was able to make photos of all kinds of landmarks from many countries without leaving my own. At some point it would be great to actually travel abroad, but with the current schedule Epcot was great. Over the course of a few days I was able to ‘visit’ many countries. The first time that I visited Epcot I was about 12, and I was not impressed. I wanted more. Now that I have matured a little it is my favorite Disney resort. I have yet to visit France, but thanks to Epcot I was able to act like I did for a little while.

Waiting For The Right Lens

I actually walked by the scene a few times during my vacation. For most of the trip I was using my 24-105mm lens on my full frame body. I knew that I wanted to wait until I brought my 17-40mm lens into the park to make this photo. I wanted to show the scene with this view. With the 24mm lens I did not have the look that I wanted. I wanted an extreme wide angle view here. In fact the 17mm might not have been wide enough.


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