The Indy Indians Walk It Off in Eleven

A Clutch Hit By Danny Ortiz Sends the Fans Home Happy

At some point around the seventh inning last night I started thinking that the game was going to go to extra innings. Some games just have that feel. Neither team could string together the hits necessary to score the winning run. A controversial call at second in the bottom of the 11th had the feel of a call that would extend the game even more. The call seemed to motivate the Indians though who started a rally that resulted in the winning hit by Danny Ortiz. I really love photographing the extra inning games. The game can turn on any pitch, and the emotion is cranked up a little. Who wouldn’t enjoy shooting in conditions like that? That is why I do this. The photos are always better if the Indians win in those situations, and luckily they did last night.

Meeting Carl Erskine

Some players you grow up learning more about for crazy reasons. You pick certain players for reasons that sound crazy to say as an adult. Carl Erskine was that guy for me. As a young kid I traded some cards for an ‘old’ 1957 Topps card of Carl Erskine. I can still remember the spot on the playground where the trade occurred. I knew nothing about this man or why it said Brooklyn on his jersey. I quickly learned though, and Carl was always a player that I would look for in the future as I collected cards. Last night Carl came out to Victory Field to speak a little bit on what Jackie Robinson meant to baseball and beyond. It was a treat to meet and photograph him. This hobby of mine has turned into something that really brings the kid back out in me. This summer will provide a couple of opportunities for the kid in me to come out. This was a surprise appearance that was not on the schedule, but I will take it.

Playing With the Light

At this point of the season the light is not very good to shoot in when the game begins. Most of the players are in the shade with a very bright background behind them. To combat that I have moved up for the first couple of innings to shoot down on the players. This gives me a nice background while eliminating the distracting light backgrounds. While moving around early in the game last night I stumbled upon a couple of great shooting locations in the upper deck that may come in handy later on in the season. Right now though a nice small patch of light hits the batters during the first inning. By next week this will probably be gone, but for now it provides a way to play a little early in the game. As this season moves on I will have some fun following this light as it hits other portions of the field. Right now though it puts the spotlight on the batters.

Bonus Photos From the Game

Below are a few extra photos from the game that I liked.


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