Opening Day at Victory Field

The Indianapolis Indians Begin the Home Portion of their 2016 Season

Last night the Indianapolis Indians started their 2016 home season, and with that I started my summer of shooting for the team. This is an exciting group of players that will be fun to shoot this year. They looked as good as advertised as they beat Columbus 5-1. From what I saw tonight this is a great team of photographers that will really help capture this season as it goes on. Of course being Opening Day we were all in attendance, and I assume that it may not be the case much this year. This was probably the most well covered game of the season. Tomorrow I will be back in Indy to photograph home game two of the season. Being early in the season I will attend a lot of games up front this season. Making images of all of the players is the priority right now. It will be interesting to see how this team changes over the course of the year. Another long playoff run would be a great way to end this first season with the team.

As Time Goes By

One idea that I had prior to the game was to mount a camera up on the roof to create a time lapse of the opening day festivities. Of course the sky had no clouds in it, and a time lapse does not do the fireworks show justice. It was good to get out and see where I could mount the GoPro, and I think that it is still an interesting minute if you want to watch it.

Remembering Jackie Robinson

I don’t think that you can write a post today without mentioning Jackie Robinson. If you follow me on Instagram you will probably see my posts throughout the day celebrating what Jackie means to baseball. In a time when the powers that be in baseball were not too bright, one owner was. Can you imagine not having the best players in the league just because of an arbitrary thing like skin color? At the time the country was full of segregated facilities. Thankfully we had someone with the will that Jackie had to start to break down this barrier. Maybe I put too much faith in baseball, but I really think that Jackie Robinson stepping onto that field on April 15, 1947 really started the movement that has us where we are today. We may not be exactly where we need to be, but we are much closer. Jackie opened the door wide for many players to follow him through. Mickey and the Duke does not sound nearly as good as Willie, Mickey, and the Duke does. Take a look at the record books, and imagine what they would look like had it not been for Jackie. The game that I love is as great as it is today thanks to the strong shoulders of Jackie Robinson. For nearly twenty years no new player will wear the #42 as his number. When Mariano Rivera retired he also became the last to wear the number as his own. Each April we get to see the number again as every player puts the number on his back to honor the sacrifices that Robinson made. Jackie died four years before I was born. We never had the chance to cross paths. If we had though I would have liked to shake his hand for all that he did. His influence was seen off of the baseball field in the many youths that he inspired. If Jackie could play Major League Baseball, then anything was possible.

More Photos From the Game

Because it was Opening Day I made an Exposure page for the game that you can view here. As the season goes on I don’t think that I will have time to make a page for each game. I may really pick and chose what games get a page. Each week though I will still go through my images and post a gallery of my favorites from the week. This should be a fun summer full of baseball.

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