The Boilermakers Win In Dramatic Fashion 1-0

Purdue Wins With a Pinch Hit Triple

Yesterday things looked good for a long extra inning game at the Purdue Softball Stadium. Both teams were playing tough, and not allowing any runs. That game could have gone on all day. In the bottom of the sixth inning Mary Gooding was plunked solidly with the softball. She did exactly what you should do when hit by a pitch. She advanced to second where she was in good scoring position. With two outs in the inning freshman Emily Kenny delivered a pinch hit triple to give Purdue the 1-0 lead. It was only the second hit of the day for the Boilers, but it was enough. It was a great win for the Boilers who will look to take the series today. The more softball that I shoot the more that I enjoy it. I love the emotion displayed by the players. One of my favorite photos of the day was a shot of a player fist pumping strike one. It is a breath of fresh air to see players who care so deeply for the game.

The Beautiful Boilermaker Softball Stadium

Purdue really upgraded when they moved from the old softball stadium. They were due for an upgrade, and the new stadium moved them right up near the top of the Big Ten. As I shoot more games in the park I hear the parents from the opposing teams talk about how great the stadium is. I guess shooting there often I take it for granted. A couple of times during the game I stopped and made a wide shot of the stadium. It will be a beautiful day for softball today so why not come out and see the Boilermakers in action?

More Photos From The Game

I have a full gallery of images up on the Purdue Exposure page here. It was nice to get out and photograph for Purdue Sports again. Even better photographing a win.


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