Purdue Softball vs. Minnesota

Purdue Battles Minnesota During the Opening Big Ten Weekend For Both Teams

Saturday my second stop on my photography tour was to see the Purdue softball team in action. I had so much fun on Friday that I wanted to see them play again Saturday. If you have read this blog then you realize how much I liked to shoot at Lambert Field. I like the new baseball stadium, but I miss some of my old sightlines at the old field. I never really enjoyed shooting at the old softball stadium. It was just not friendly to photographers. The new softball stadium though is a treat to shoot at. You have many places up close and personal to make images of the team. It is a great place to watch a softball game at, and this weekend a lot of people did just that. The next time the team plays at home will be April 5th when they take on Indiana in a late afternoon doubleheader. I am sure the stadium will be loud and rocking that day.

The Week In Photos

This week I put together another Exposure post with my favorite images of the week. You can find that post here. I really have come to enjoy putting this post together Sunday night. It is a great way to relive your successes (and failures) of the previous week. I am always trying to get better so looking back at the past week to see just how you did is a great way to do that. It also gives me something to shoot for when I am lacking an assignment. Take the Friday night home opener for the softball team for example. I made a wide angle image and a panoramic shot of the National Anthem at the season opening game. I may have made this image anyway, but having this best of the week post gives me reasons to go above and beyond. Purdue had a photographer at the game, and they don’t need my images. This post lets me keep pushing myself with an outlet for my photos. I came up with the idea as a way to showcase some of my images this summer at the Indy Indians games. As my shooting increased late in the year I realized that it is something that I can do all year round.

Bonus Photos

This was a game that I went to swinging for the fences. I had a camera in my bag to throw my 70-200mm lens on, but I just shot tight with my 400mm the entire time. I was either going to nail a shot, or miss it with this set up. There is no real safe zone this tight at a softball game. I had my wide shots of the stadium from the day before so it was time to just go for it. I made some photos that I really liked at the game. Once again the light was very nice as it is this time of year. Below are a few bonus photos that I liked from the game.


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