Purdue Baseball vs. Nebraska

Purdue Takes on Nebraska During the Opening Big Ten Weekend at Alexander Field

The third stop for me Saturday on my Lafayette sports tour was to see the Purdue baseball game against Nebraska. I really did not plan on staying at the game very long. I had a couple of goals in my time there, and I thought that I could bang them out pretty quickly. In the end there was some good baseball being played, and the weather was great so I stayed a little longer than I expected. It doesn’t hurt to be shooting with someone who enjoys talking baseball either. I did not get to stay very long, but I had a great time at the park. Purdue has another home game tomorrow at Alexander Field against Valpo that I plan on shooting. It will be my last tune up before things get real Saturday at Victory Field. My baseball season is ready to officially being in a big way.

The Week In Photos

This week I put together another Exposure post with my favorite images of the week. You can find that post here. I really have come to enjoy putting this post together Sunday night. It is a great way to relive your successes (and failures) of the previous week. I am always trying to get better so looking back at the past week to see just how you did is a great way to do that. It also gives me something to shoot for when I am lacking an assignment. This post lets me keep pushing myself with an outlet for my photos. I came up with the idea as a way to showcase some of my images this summer at the Indy Indians games. As my shooting increased late in the year I realized that it is something that I can do all year round.

The One That Got Away

Throughout the course of the season you have photos that you wish that you could have back. Things happen, and for one reason or another you do not make the photo. You are in the wrong position, or you just plain miss it. Shooting sports is interesting because things can get messy, and you have to be in the right place to make the photo. You do not always do that. Saturday I missed on what could have been my photo of the year. I was in the right spot to make the photo, but I did not anticipate the action as I should have, and I whiffed. I was going to leave the game, but a Boiler rally kept me in the ballpark a little longer. I picked a spot where I had a good view of home to capture the batter as well as any potential plays at the plate. I knew that I was going to be tight on the plate as the batters were in the box. I was fine with that though as most plays at the plate are compact situations where I would need to crop in. Little did I know that Nick Dalesandro would try and jump over the tag of the Nebraska catcher. In these situations I usually pick the catcher as my focus point and stay on him. If you follow the runner in anything could get in the way to grab your focus. Here that strategy cost me as I did not see the jump coming in time, and I cut off a hand in the process. You miss shots over the course of the year. That happens, and is just part of what I do. Some stick with you though, and this one will for a long time. This was the angle for the picture. You have the face of the runner and the perspective to show how high he was. There is no excuse to miss it, and when it is something this rare you really have to try and let it go. A few days later I have not done that yet.

Bonus Photos

Here are a few photos that I liked from the game Saturday. These photos did not get away.


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