Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls Scrimmage

More Than Just the Taco Bar

Yesterday I had a fun day with three events in a row. More to the point three things going on that would each overlap each other. The day started at the Brawl House photographing the morning scrimmage there. When you photograph a football or basketball scrimmage you are really photographing practice. That has never really done it for me. A roller derby scrimmage is a full contact sport that still follows the regular rules. No crazy scoring changes or other gimmicks. I do not get to photograph as much roller derby as I would like to. Getting a chance every now and then to photograph a scrimmage is a fun way to get into roller derby again. The bonus is that at the end of the day after photographing the scrimmage you get to eat at the taco bar. When I am shooting for free I rarely eat the food in the media room. I do not want to be known as the freeloader who comes just for the food. Here is where I make one exception. The taco bar is a good payment for a couple of hours of work.

What is Behind the Second Curtain?

For most of my time at the scrimmage I had my Canon 1DX mounted on my Canon 70-200mm lens. At my feet was my Canon 7D Mark II with my Canon 24-105mm lens with a flash on top of it. The sole purpose of the setup was to get in a few panning shots. I can go a little lower with my shutter speed with the flash on the camera. When it is set to second curtain sync I get a very cool motion effect with a crisp skater at the end of it. It did not use the camera much, but it was a nice way to change things up a bit.

Bonus Photos

You can view my full gallery from the scrimmage here. I ended up staying about an hour and a half when it was all said and done. I tried to make an image of everyone that was there when I was there. You can right click on the image to save it, or I have a download button on the lower right of the image to save it to your computer. I also have included a few photos that I liked from the day below.


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