The National Anthem at Mackey Arena

A Panoramic View of the National Anthem at Mackey Arena

For the t-shirt game Thursday night I wanted to do something special with the crowd. The stands looked so good that I wanted a good shot of them for myself. I went up in between the upper and lower deck to make a panoramic shot. I wanted some detail so I made this from eight HDR files stitched together with Lightroom. Eight sets of three exposures gave me what I wanted. I love these type of scene setter photos to go in the larger story of the game. The new panoramic stitching feature in Lightroom seems to work very well for this type of photo. There are a couple of interesting areas in it if you look close enough. For my purposes though it did the job very well giving me this photo.

Picking the Right Moment for a Panoramic Photo

I really wanted to make this photo during the opening tip of the game. It probably would not have been too much harder to do, but I would have had a lot more moving pieces to the shot. The fans would have been clapping, and the players on the court would have been moving. I decided to try this out during the anthem as a safety in case the tip off shot didn’t work. As the tip was getting ready to happen I looked around, and everyone was moving way too much so I scrapped the idea. Maybe later in the year when a game is not on ESPN I may try this again. Usually there is a beat when everyone is ready for the tip before it happens. Thursday night the tip happened very quickly without that beat.

A Few More Photos From the Game

Here is my post from the game yesterday with a few of my favorite photos in it. It was a fun game to photograph with many different options for photos. I spent some time moving around in the stands to get a different angle. It is much better being able to move around then being stuck in a spot on the baseline. I can’t wait for the field sports to start back up so I can move around to pick my shot again. Let’s just skip ahead to March Madness already.


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