The Purdue Basketball T-Shirt Game

Purdue Breaks Out the T-Shirts For Cancer Research

Last night was one of my favorite Purdue basketball games of the year to cover. The annual t-shirt game is a great time to get out and make some photos of Mackey Arena that look much different then any other night of the year. This year they picked a very cool color scheme, and if the fans had played along I think it would have looked great. For some reason though a lot of fans will to put on a free shirt to be part of the plan. I can understand the opponents fans not wearing the shirt, but I cannot for the life of me understand why Purdue fans cannot play along for one game. The first design in 2013 might still be my favorite, but tonight was pretty cool. I cannot wait to see what the design will be next year for the game.

Purdue Basketball Beats Ohio State

Oh yeah they played a game as well last night. While the t-shirts were a fun thing to see the real reason that we came to the arena was to see Purdue take on Ohio State. No Big Ten game should be a cake walk (unless you play Rutgers apparently) so it was no surprise that Purdue had to fight to win this one. They did come out on top though against the Buckeyes. This was not a game where one player really put the team on his back. It was a team effort with big plays coming from many different players. That is what I like to see. This was a fun game to be at for sure. I can’t wait to see the Boilers when they get back to West Lafayette.

Bonus Photos

Below I have included a few bonus photos from the game. The Purdue baseline was too crowded tonight in the second half so I stayed at the far end to shoot for the second half. I did not have the optimal view of the action, but I had the view with the yellow shirts in the background that I thought about when I saw the drawings for the game. Sometimes you just have to take what was given to you, and make the most out of it. I made some interesting photos in the second half from that position.


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