Purdue Hockey vs. Loyola

Purdue Hockey Takes On Loyola

I shot my first hockey game of the year yesterday in Fishers for the Purdue Hockey Club. The game ended in a 2-2 tie, and it was as hard fought as the score would suggest. Ward Newman tied the game at one with a fantastic effort just to get to the goal let alone score. He was tripped up at center ice all the time keeping control of the puck. He got back up and beat the defenders to the goal to score the equalizer. Even more impressive is the fact that the Boilers were short handed at the time. In the second half John VanVilet tied the game with a power play goal. I think that I was very lucky shooting this game that I had a brand new piece of glass to shoot through for two periods. If not for that stroke of luck I would have been shooting through some very dirty glass for most of the game. Next week I may bring a stepladder to use to shoot over the glass as the sheer volume of teams at the Indy Fuel Tank will probably already have that fresh sheet looking pretty rough.

More Photos From the Game

I created an Exposure page for the game yesterday that you can find here. I love the way that Exposure makes my photos look. They have some kind of special sauce that makes a 5mb jpeg look fantastic. Next week I would like to make two Exposure pages for the Boilers as they take on Notre Dame. They have games next Friday and Saturday in Fishers. The Boilers have been playing some really good hockey this season so why not head down to see them play?

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