Purdue Women’s Baskeball Drops a Heartbreaker to Nebraska

Photographing Purdue Women’s Basketball

Last night I was back in Mackey Arena to photograph the Purdue women’s basketball game against Nebraska. Historically these have been great games, and looking at the game objectively last night was as well. I have been to more overtime games it seems like between Purdue and Nebraska. Last night did not require overtime, but it did come down to the final possession. The final possession reminded me a lot of the last possession in the Boston College game back in December. I was shooting for the opponent that night so my pictures hinged on Purdue not covering. Last night I was on the Purdue end hoping that they would convert. They could not though, and lost their second game in a row. This is the Big Ten season though so you just have to get up, dust yourself off, and bring it again on Sunday.

April Wilson Scores Her 1,000th Point

Last night was one of those weird games where I did not do any research prior to the game. Usually I know about milestones, and when the player will hit them. I did not realize that April was so close to 1,000 points. I found out that she hit the milestone at the half. With that in mind I do not know which basket was the one that gave her the milestone. April did play what I thought was one of her better games as a Boilermaker. She scored 22 points, and was hounding her opponent on defense.

Bonus Photos

Against my better judgement I made another Exposure page for the game last night. For whatever reason they are by far the least popular of all of the Exposure pages that I make. This was a quick and easy one to make though so I went ahead and did it. Despite the outcome of the game there were some interesting images to come from it. If you want to check out the page here it is. I plan on making another page for the Purdue men’s game tomorrow night. Ohio State is coming to town, and it is the annual t-shirt game. When it is all said and done there should be some interesting photos from the game. This should be a busy weekend for me. If all goes according to plan I will shoot six events in five days. That means a lot of content for the blog, but it also means a lot of fun for me. The games will be split 50/50 between basketball and hockey. This should be a fun weekend.


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