The Pirates of the Caribbean at Walt Disney World

A New Look at a Classic Ride

As a kid one of my favorite rides at Walt Disney World was the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I still remember all of the booty that I left with as a five year old kid. On this last trip to Disney we went back to the ride to see what it was like now. Of course since the movies have come out the ride has changed quite a bit. The Captain Jack Sparrow character shows up quite a bit while you have your boat ride. He really is a fun character though, and even as a part of the ride you can sense some of the fun that he has in the movies. Some of the really memorable parts are still very memorable to me, and I loved the new additions to the ride.

Photographing a Dark Ride

I will say many times on this blog just how much I love the Canon 24-105mm lens. I used it for the entire trip, and it really is a great all around lens to have with you. The one time that I wished that I had something else was in these rides with very low light. An extra stop or two of light would have been nice inside. For the most part I would just press the shutter button down and motor drive when I needed a shot. I knew that just the act of pressing the button down would make the first shot unusable in most cases. I would have a shot that was a little crisper in the middle of the burst. Even with that in mind the boat was still moving so I don’t think that I ever had an image that I was 100% happy with as far as sharpness goes. With that being said I still had a blast making the images, and they pass the initial eye test.

Bonus Photos From the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride

Here are a few bonus photos that I made on the ride. This was a blast to be a part of, and I hope that you can see that in the pictures that I have posted below.


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