The Harlem Globetrotters at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse

Seeing the Harlem Globetrotters Live

Last year we happened to catch the Harlem Globetrotters on ESPN, and the kids loved it. They were actually enjoying a basketball game and laughing. We looked up the schedule, and the Globetrotters were playing a game in Indianapolis. We had an absolute blast, and we knew that we would go back. They played again in Indy on Martin Luther King Day so we could catch them for a second year in a row. I think that if they play on Martin Luther King day every year we will go down to see them. They put on a great show that is part basketball, part comedy show, and part WWF. While that sounds like it would not really work it really does. It is a formula that has worked for 90 years now. This really is every bit of a show that really makes you sit on the edge of your seat for the entire show. Watching my two year old dance and get into the action really is something to see. They take a crowd that has no real interest in the outcome of the game, and get your rooting for the Globetrotters by the end. Spoiler alert: They win the game.

Sitting Back and Watching a Game

For this game I did not have my usual gear for covering basketball. I normally go to a game with multiple cameras and possibly a remote. For this game I took my Canon 5D Mark III along with my Tamron 17-35mm lens. That worked out well for me as I made a couple of general scene photos early on, but then sat back to watch the action. That is something that I have done very rarely in the past few years. It was interesting to watch the game from this perspective, and in the process get back to being a fan. Now that the game is over, and we wait another year to see them play again I will just have to drive my family crazy whistling ‘Sweet Georgia Brown.’


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